(Buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, melt, upgrade it) x4

Yup yup, she wanna/
Yup yup, he wanna/
Yup yup, they wanna/
Yup yup, we wanna/
The-the-they wanna/

(Verse 1)
Scotty D is such an actor I deserve a double feature/
Like Travolta it’s a Saturday and ooh I have a fever/
So fresh spit game and it’s fool proof/
No hands shorty just like bluetooth/
Slow down, play low key/
Can’t keep your little model hands off me/
Showin’ up maybe half pass twelve shorty walk this way cause I look so swell/
Don’t front tryin’ to reach my cell cause you weren’t that shy over AOL/
Your body’s perfect I can swear you’re made of plastic/
Let me see you work it I can tell you do gymnastics/

Chorus x2

Someone make a wish cause this is stuff you build a dream on/
Took you half an hour just to get your skinny jeans on/
Bright lights, movie stars/
Shorty make it stop like a PVR/
Slow down, play low key/
Shorty work it out Nintendo Wii/
She’s like Scotty take me dancin’ let’s get down on the flo/
I’m like hey shorty check these glasses they don’t make these no mo/
You oughta, come down and kick it look I swear you won’t be sorry though/
I’ll take you up a level you can call me super mario/

Chorus x2

Use it, use it/
Ugrade it/
Use it, use it/
Ugrade it/
Use it, buy it/
Buy it, use it/
Use it, break it/
Upgrade it/

Buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it/
Use it, buy it, buy it, buy it/
Use it, break it, fix it, use it/
Buy it, use it, buy it, use it/

U-u-u-u, u-u-u-u-u/
u-u-u-u-u, U-u-u-u-u-u/
Upgrade it/

Chorus x 4