Recorded at King West Studio, Toronto, Canada.
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Verse 1:
Don’t even trip I got you covered like a placemat/
Shorty keep on starin’ I’m like can I have my face back/
I can imagine you’ve won your share of pageants/
Lay down like a carpet shorty I can play Alladin/
My penmanship is baller, got the wordplay of a scholar/
And I’ve got men insecure because their bank accounts are smaller/
See her dancing in the spotlight steady throwing out her back and/ All I see is cleavage I should call her Janet Jackson/


She’s on a roll/
The way she drop it makin’ profit down the poll/
She make the people at the party lose control/
The way she drop it makin’ profit down the poll/
Oh you can tell that primma donna’s on a roll/

Verse 2:

She’s so primma donna in her Dolce & Gabanna/
Shorty I just wanna see you back it up like a Honda/
Oh she chat it up and I appreciate the banter/
Shorty’s Puerto Rican so I couldn’t understand her/
I’m wildin’ out you know my crew is straight orangutanin’/
Never see me talkin’ to a hoochie with her fusions hangin’/
I’m fit to be the kind of lover you deserve/
Met your boyfriend at the party he was serving out or d’oeuvres/

Chorus x2