Scotty Dynamo

A full-fledged entertainer — music blogs refer to Scotty Dynamo as a “superstar-in-the-making”, a kid with the “it factor” and an “undeniable charm”.

With over 4.3 million YouTube views and 38,000 subscribers, Toronto’s Scotty Dynamo is quickly becoming a recognizable force in the music industry.

Self-proclaimed “dance party expert”, Scotty Dynamo has spent the last year performing in clubs across North America and creating engaging content that keeps his fans wanting more.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, the 21-year-old producer and recording artist reflects an array of influences. If Ke$ha, Steve Aoki, and LMFAO had a lovechild, it would likely look and sound exactly like Scotty. The result is an original, upbeat and energetic electro-pop sound with a proven international appeal.

For Scotty, being on camera isn’t a performance; it’s who he is. Over the past couple of years, Scotty has built a large online following by uploading original music videos, cover songs, and weekly video blogs to his popular YouTube channel. This consistent stream of content has attracted an international following and has enabled him to share his music and engage with followers from around the Globe.

Scotty has also taken his talent to the stage by performing at Canada’s largest music festivals (NXNE, Canadian Music Week, and the Manifesto Festival). He has composed original music for major television networks and has regularly been featured as a guest host on various national television programs. In the fast-paced world of social media, Scotty’s popularity and fan base has continued to increase, proving that he is the complete package.

With a loyal following, Scotty is considered to be the next big thing to break out of the bourgeoning hotbed of Canadian talent and take the world by storm.

With his latest single “Show Me Yours”, Scotty collaborated with Jakob Owens (Chris Brown, Jesse McCartney, Nick Carter) to put together an undeniably fun video with a surprise ending.  In this video, Scotty officially “comes out”.

The world is ready for an openly gay male pop/urban artist. Scotty Dynamo is the guy.